We specialise in ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys such as Copper, Aluminium, Zinc, Brasses, Bronzes, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloys and precious metals.

We purchase these materials in any form from new production scrap through mixed or contaminated assemblies to floor sweeps and extracted dusts.

Our current throughput is currently around 1000 tonnes per month, representing an annual turnover of approximately £10 million, which obviously varies depending on LME prices.

The prices we quote for material are always competitive and are based on both London Metal Exchange fixations and general demand. Depending on your requirements we can relate prices to the LME, Metal Bulletin magazine or simply on a “spot” basis. Payment terms are flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Our collection service is second to none. Collections are made to suit your requirements at all times. Suitable storage bins and/or skips can be provided free of charge if required. Waste Transfer Notes are provided, free of charge and certificates disposal are provided for all WEEE scrap.