The ever tightening environmental regulations will continue to provide industry with some of its toughest challenges.

Midland Industrial Metals Limited operate in a legal, safe, responsible and environmentally aware manner – ensuring customers’ legal and moral obligations are met. They issue all relevant waste documentation ensuring transfers of ferrous, non ferrous and non metallic wastes are not only legal but straight forward and trouble free. Their commitment to professionalism and care of the environment is reflected in their accreditation to BS EN ISO 9002:1994 – which means that everyone benefits their staff, their customers and the environment.

Once material has arrived at the Sams Lane site it is analysed, sorted and graded. Further processing then takes place, depending on the material in question. After the shearing, baling, cleaning, mixing or melting is complete, the scrap material that arrived with Midland Industrial Metals has been turned into a useful, valuable material ready for the manufacturing industry.

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